April 21, 2017

Fishing Report April 21, 2017

Hi All

Welcome to the 2017 version of the Harbourside Lodge Chronicles.

It has been a very cool and wet winter that has transitioned directly into our spring. As I am writing this though, the sun is actually shining and thoughts of Bamfield summers where glints of light reflect radiantly off chrome bars of salmon are making me twitch just a little bit. It is almost upon us.

Fishing in the area is still spotty. There are, however, fish to be had. And just like wearing a very comfortable pair of slippers, it’s good to know that our usual haunts are still producing some very nice fish.

Early season salmon fishing in Barclay Sound is all about finding bait and keeping gear close to the bottom. Places like the Wall, Kirby, Flemming and Austin / Cree / Mears are worthwhile spots to drop the gear and find some early season springs. There has been some great new gear that has come on the market and is perfect for the early season salmon fishery that Bamfield offers.

Try a variety of the new glow and moonjelly flashers such as the Salty Dawg, Green Onion Glow, or the Yellow / Green Kinetic. Top spoons such as the new Pescas in glow green with blue or black trim. Irish Cream, Homeland Security are terrific down deep and off shore.

I can’t give up my favorite, purple haze flasher with a 3.5 or 4 inch purple spoon. This rig was absolute money for us last season. Troll these outfits at 2.5 to 3 mph for best results. Bait is always effective though when trolling deep it is so hard to detect little bites and nips. Spoons and hootchies give you a much better chance of keeping your gear in the water.

Early season halibut is really prime time for flatties. Spring sees a more consistent bite with the likely hood of bigger fish than later on in the summer. That said if this fishery is anything like it has been over the past few years we can expect a strong halibut fishery deep into September. All the usual spots will produce. As many readers know I love to fish the humps off shore between 10 and 14 miles off. Check your charts and locate your boat in and around humps that come up on the bank between 190 and 215 feet. An anchor system definitely will put you at an advantage but drifting and back trolling can still be effective. We mix things up between salmon bellies and extra-large herring. Somedays the bellies knock them dead and some days it’s all about the herring. Octopus can also be very effective and certainly stays on the hooks solidly.

We are so very much looking forward to see all of our regulars this summer as well as welcoming newcomers to the Harbourside experience. Aussie John and Tom will have things up and running for opening early June. I will be up to the lodge by mid June. At this point we are already filling up prime spots, that said we do have accommodations still available in prime time. It would be prudent to book now. Tom has added another Grady to the fleet so we have more options for charters and larger groups. All booking enquiries can be made through Aussie John via email at john@harboursidelodge.com

Until then we will keep you posted on all things fishy here in Barclay Sound.

Coach… (aka Jonathan…)