Aug 19, 2019

Hi All

It’s been 9 days since I caught everyone upon the goings on here in Bamfield, it’s been busy but it’s been great. Fishing is just plain outstanding! Whether it’s coho or big springs, if you are willing to put in the time it will pay off big time. As most of the readers of this blog know I am always willing to share where the hot spots are but in all honesty at this point in the season I don’t think it really matters. It’s going off everywhere. I’ll cover off where I have been fishing but I know there are plenty of other spots I haven’t fished that are also going great.
I fished with the Kuno family last weekend,Jan, Gary and son Chris. This was their first time fishing on the ocean and first experience salmon fishing. It was an awesome experience reliving one’s “first spring” with them. All three family members got into playing some nice springs. Nothing huge but plucky, feisty fish in the teens. We fished Little Beale and Kirby with bait and the new Amundson Salmon Camp spoon between 32 and 39 feet. It was pretty even between
Bryan, Doug and Warren were my next crew in. All Vancouver Boys. They too were experiencing ocean and salmon fishing for the first time. I have now made the switch now to bait on both downriggers. It’s that time of August where I find anchovies produce the most consistent results. the two as far as producing fish.
First day out with the boys we fished Little Beale. It came fast and furious. We fished the Bon Chovy Flasher with bloody nose teaser heads at 30 and 34 feet.  It lit up! The boys had a blast playing springs from the high teens to the mid twenties. We packed up the gear with the intention to do some ling cod fishing but ran into a huge bait ball at Cape Beale being worked by hundreds of birds. We dropped some MacDeeps at 10 pulls and bam! We were into some coho on the jig and Doug hooked up a spring in the mid twenties! Awesome fight and an awesome day!
Halibut fishing has slowed some. Still fish to be had but not as solid as early in the summer. The seas have been lovely and flat this summer for the most part, so spending the day offshore has been amazing. Salmon bellies and extra large herring fished on spreader bars are still the best way to produce halibut. Out on the Big Bank above the Rat’s Nose has been very hot, especially up on the flats. Well worth the trip when the water is good.
We finished out our trip with Bryan, Doug and Warren fishing at Swale and back to little Beale. Both places produced good fish. Swale can be very good in the afternoon.
Back at the lodge we were treated to some amazing live music. All three guys are professional musicians. The haunting and mesmerizing strains of the cello on the back deck overlooking the Bamfield inlet were stunning. What a treat!
Yesterday I fished with Sandy and Jo. Also first timers. Again I cannot tell you how fun it is for me to see folks experience their first spring salmon. Jo boated a lovely 26 pounder for her first spring. She was so excited, dancing and clapping all over the back deck. It was very cool! All the action yesterday was on bait, once again Bon Chovy flashers and bloody nose teaser heads. The morning bite at Kirby was very solid.
The summer seems to be slipping away so quickly. We have been very busy at the lodge and it looks like things are just going to get busier as we approach the end of August and early September. There is still limited space available at the lodge, however, we are running strong at the tackle shop. Bait, tackle, fish ice, drink ice, coffee and snacks are all available along with boat gas and diesel. Aussie John is manning the tackle shop as usual and despite a long busy summer is still up for a good chin wag if you drop by.
I’ll see you either on the docks or perhaps we will cross paths on the water.

Until then…