Fishing Report Aug 18, 2020

Hi All
Well this is it! During the winter we dream of mid August arriving in Barkley Sound. And now… it’s here. Light winds, calm seas, large hungry beastmode chinook and hordes of acrobatic coho. Ahh… we are indeed living the dream. Except… Someone forgot to let the fish know that it’s now mid August and indeed they should be here in force.
It has been a tough go indeed folks. There are fish around but you have to scratch and dig to bust your butt for a couple of hits and maybe a fish or two in an 8 hour troll. Doom? gloom? a biological marine disaster? Ok maybe not just yet but I am wondering what’s happening. I know many very experienced fisherman and guides that are blanking on trips out and around the sound the past 4 or 5 days or so. Now it is migrational fishing and I get that they don’t all arrive at once and there will be dribs and drabs as waves go through but… this is prime time. It has to turn on. The thing is that it always does. Maybe it’s going to happen later this year and continue well into the fall. I just don’t know, but I do know that I’ll still get up for the expected early morning bite. I’ll fish the tides all the way through and I’ll keep staring intently at both my g loomis rods and waiting for that glorious tug that fuels my passion for this wonderful sport.
So if you are here or on your way here soon what should you expect, where should you fish and what gear should you use?
My most consistent days have been spent at Swale Rock. I have been rolling 5 1/4  sized anchovies. For me, (and it’s been a clear leader of the pack), a chrome bloody nose teaser head fished 6 and a half feet behind a black UV flasher at 39 feet. The last 4 days I haven’t hooked up on any other rig. Others have I know, but for me it’s been crazy how much more effective this chrome rig has been. Glow white bloody nose, glow green and herring aid should all be effective right now. Bait though, for sure, is definitely the way to go at this juncture of the season.
I have had the odd good bite at Kirby but nothing consistent. Little Beale and Whittlesone were solid a week or so ago but it’s suddenly like someone turned off the tap.
Offshore salmon fishing is still productive. Lots of coho all over the banks. Springs are a bit tougher to get at with all the coho but fishing plugs at 3 mph down deep, 150 feet on your downrigger will give you a chance at some larger fish.
Halibut fishing is still fantastic! It’s been an amazing hali season. Take advantage of it while you can. Troll them up off the banks or anchor near a hump that comes up to 200 feet or so. Extra large herring and salmon bellies on spreader bars are still the most effective way to tag into some B.C. white gold.
Just wanted to send a quick shout out to Steady Eddy and the Boys. Thanks for all the intel on the VHF.  Love your new boat but I am not sure Steady Eddy is going to stick. Your old handle Gong Show is still somewhat more representative.
As for all of our Harbourside regulars, we thank you so much for being patient with us as we struggle through this covid-19 summer. It has been difficult for all of us but somehow we have managed to make it work so far.
For all of your accommodation, moorage and chartering needs please email Aussie John at
In the meantime I am going to keep my gear wet and keep believing that those g loomis rods are going to violently pop off the downrigger. And then folks it’s going to be on!