Fishing Report August 4 2023

Hi All

No stories, no addendums, no superfluous addons. Just the facts people!

It is on! The fishing is fantastic right now. Going through my log books this has been the best fishing I can remember in late July early August. Call in sick, tell work you have covid or your grandpa passed away, again… Do what ever it takes. Get here now !

Fish Austin, Cree, Mears, Beale, Whittlestone. Run your gear at 35′ to 50′ and guess what? you don’t need to fish bait! You can still fish spoons! I am not kidding, it’s awesome!. Skinny Gs in Irish Cream and Bon Chovy have been my go tos. I am sure No Bananas, Trap Shack and all other forms of Skinny Gs will work, but those two have been money for me. 6′ to 7′ behind chartreuse or green flashers have worked awesome! I am sure things will turn to bait only pretty soon but darn it’s nice to fish spoons and not deal with bait!

Coho are starting to show in bigger numbers. They will take anything they see. They are greedy little beasts at this time of year.

Hali fishing is picking up. Herring and salmon bellies are your best bets. Get on a hump, get your gear down to the bottom and hang on tight. West coast gold baby! I love me some hali fish fry.

I fished the last few days with family! Don’t get to do that too often. My niece Adrienne, nephew Paul and his girlfriend, Catherine were my guests the last few days. So much fun sharing Barkley Sound with people you love. We had two days of salmon fishing and limited them out on all their springs. What an awesome sight to see them light up when playing a fish, or hanging out with sealions, humpbacks, grey whales and sea otters! I mean really, does it get any better? Fishing could actually suck and this place just keeps on giving! But it doesn’t, it’s happening, so, what are you waiting for? Get here now!

Please stop by Harbourside for bait, salt ice and tackle. I am always up for a fish chat! Forgive me for this short intrusion to my weekly report. I have been going everyday and am starting to feel it a bit.

That said, gawd this is fun! Best job ever!

In the meantime and in between time, Coach is out (aka Jonathan)

Jonathan Kinman
Harbourside Lodge, Bamfield