Fishing Report July 18, 2020

Hi All

Well the fishing season here in Barkley Sound has had a bit of a rough start. It had been hard work scratching up the odd spring and coho during the first two weeks of July. I’ve spent a number of 10 – 12 hour days on the water and only managed to bring home a couple of quality fish. That said, the past two days we saw some very respectable fishing across the Sound. Hopefully this is a harbinger of good things to come.
So if you are making your way to Bamfield in the next few days, make sure you have the following tackle in your arsenal.
Irish Cream and Bon Chovy Skinny Gs have been our best go to. Try and change out the hooks,  as I continually have had problems with them opening up on larger fish which can be very frustrating! I have found that Amundsen is making some spoons similar to the skinny g series. They are much better quality both in finish and in their hooks. I am very impressed with them. Bait is still a solid choice. I personally like using the glow blood and bones teaser heads. Glow white hootchies are also a good bet. We are still catching fish stuffed with squid from the local squid spawn.
Then inshore areas we have found most productive have been Austin, Cree, and Mears Bluff. Kirby down to Ohiat has also produced fish. Our most productive depths have been 35 feet in and around the reefs at Cree. 50 to 60 feet when fishing the slot at Austin and 40 to 55 feet while fishing Kirby Point and area. Beale and Whittlestone have given up some fish but both have been spotty.
Off shore is now open for chinook retention. I have not been as of yet but I have heard solid reports from the Rat’s Nose at Big Bank.
Halibut fishing has been very solid although strong offshore winds have hindered some from braving the seas. Extra large herring have been very productive if you are willing to weed through the dog fish. We actually had some good results using a 16 ounce mudraker. We were anchored and had rods down with salmon bellies and put down the jig to add some movement. The jig outfished both the herring and the bellies.
As most folks in B.C. are doing, we are trying to cope with the threat of covid 19 as best we can here at Harbourside Lodge. Yes we are open, albeit in a limited status.
Booking moorage, accommodation and charters is best done through emailing Aussie John at He will get back to you promptly.
While travel worldwide may not be on our foreseeable radar, staying here in beautiful B.C. maybe better than anywhere else in the world right now.
Barkley Sound and Bamfield are jewels situated on the west coast of the Island. What better time to explore your own backyard.
Hope to see you soon.
Take care and stay safe,