Fishing Report, July 18 2022

Ok, alright already… I am not dead, nor did Harbourside go out of business. Likely more the opposite. It’s been a very busy start to the 2022 summer season here in Bamfield. Please forgive me for being so remiss, so yes, I am indeed alive and kicking and Harbourside is in full swing.

Ready for some fishing news then?

It was a banner start to the June and early July sports fishing in Barkley Sound. The inside waters were showing lots of bait and salmon heading down the coast to various rivers south and east were stopping by to feed up. The bigger fish, more mature fish, however, have been hanging out on the periphery of the Sound. Sail Rock, the outside of Cree, the waters just off of Cape Beale and southeast of the Sound have held the larger springs that most of are after. It’s been a metal and plastic fishery for sure, no need for bait. You cannot go wrong with running a skinny g 6 feet behind your fav glow green flasher and or a glow white hoochie on the other side. The larger fish that I have found have been up shallow. 30 to 50 feet on the down rigger has been good for us. No real need to go much deeper. Troll quickly when you are using artificials.  I try and keep to about 3 mph with 15lb balls.

I’ve been having a blast jigging springs when I can see them on the sounder. 90 gram MacDeeps and Lil Nibs have been deadly when dropped to the bottom and reeled up 5 or 6 times. If you have never tried fishing springs this way, do it! So much fun!

There are some decent fish inside. You just may have to look for them a bit harder. Kirby, Flemming, the Wall and Scott’s Bay to Brady’s Beach have all produced some decent fish. One of our Guides, Brian picked up a gorgeous 24 lb spring right at the Harbour mouth last evening!

Again, 30 feet to 50 feet on your downrigger.

Offshore spring fishing has opened up in area 123 but there is a slot size limit when offshore of 80 cm and under. All the usual spots should produce. The Big bank should be humming right now. If the winds are down they’ll be many boats heading to the Rat’s Nose I am sure.

As for me? I tend to stay local and hunt for the big boys…

Hali fishing has been stupid good! Especially of you are set up to anchor. Salmon bellies on spreader bars have been the ticket. Get offshore, find a hump on the bank that comes up to 200 feet or so. Anchor in and around the hump. I like to be in 205 – 215 feet. You are good to go for 2 under 90 cm or one fish over 90 cm but 133 cm or under.

Ok there, are we good now? I promise I will keep updating the fish report at worse at least once per week.

In the mean time and in between time, this is Coach signing off (aka Jonathan)