Fishing Report, July 27 2021

It’s 5:15 am and I’m sitting at the dining room table here at Harbourside Lodge. It’s a very rare day off the water. I can sleep in! But here I am, coffee is brewing, it’s so foggy outside that even the birdlife are having second thoughts about moving too much. I can sleep in! but no….My internal fishing alarm clock is beeping like crazy. I gotta get up. The water beckons…

So here I am catching up on my reports, of which I am late once again. Let’s get at it then.
Fishing in the Sound was getting better by the day, until about three days ago, then someone turned off the switch. I mean lights out, it’s bed time. Off shore? not so much but inshore just died. The past three days Bamfield has seen some very large tides for this time of year. I am assuming the large volume of water moving back and forth the Sound has really put the fish down. Before the full moon and crazy tides I was having great success at Little
Friday we fished Beale. Trolling Bon Chovy Skinny Gs and a glow green white Amundsen Slim Shiver Fish Cop was the ticket. We trolled at 37′ and 40′ on the riggers. Last week with the “Tom Cairns” group we picked up our first tyee of the season just off the wash rock at Little Beale. Awesome fish for a great bunch of guys. Thursday and Friday I had Dana and Wayne all the way from Regina. We went off shore on Thursday for a hali trip. We managed three halis, one over and two under along with a giant octopus and two skates, all the while being circled by three very hungry looking blue sharks. If you have never seen one they are just beautiful animals, gorgeous blue colours… Beale with four of us. We limited out on springs to 22 lbs and a bonus 5 hatchery coho. Once again 37′ and 40′ in a tight to the rocks tack along Little Beale
Last Saturday saw the big tides come in and just like that switch turned off. If the seas allow offshore at 7 mile has been very productive for springs, coho and halis. Troll deep for springs, 140′ – 180′. Spoons, glow white hootchies and bait will all work. Bait can be problematic i the coho are thick. Too much work. Spoons or hootchies would be a better alternative.
Hali fishing is still very productive. Salmon bellies and heads and extra large herring have been straight up money.
Again, as I always, say, get on the bank and find humps that come up to 200′ feet or so. Fish around the hump not necessarily on it. 205′ – 215′ feet of water is perfect. Anchoring is always the best way to go if you have the system. Don’t try your windlass, it can be very dangerous as you are liable to take a wave over your bow.
The long weekend is coming up and the Bamfield Fireman’s Derby is all set to go. Gordy form Breaker’s Marine runs the best derby going! Tons of prizes and giveaways. I’m gonna win the derby with the biggest fish ( I am due!) but there are great cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd. Get your tickets at Breaker’s here in Bamfield.
In the meantime and in between time, full boxes to all of you…
Coach (aka Jonathan)