Fishing Report June 24,2020

Hi All

As we all are aware, it’s been a very strange start to 2020. First off I hope all of you are well and safe along with all of your families and loved ones. I am happy to report that our Harbourside crew seem to have pulled through the pandemic thus far unscathed and eager to be back on the water.
We are indeed open in a limited capacity. We are set up to handle as many as four separate bubble groups. This means we could have four different groups staying at the lodge at the same time. They would have access to their own cooking facilities, washrooms and sleeping arrangements. None of the groups would need to mix or be in any close contact with each other. We can also handle boats with folks staying on the dock as long as they too have their own cooking, washroom and sleeping facilities. These facilities would all have to be on board.
Social distancing requirements will be expected at all times. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing will be mandatory of all guests. It will be a different Harbourside experience for sure but no reason it shouldn’t be a memorable season despite the Covid-19 setbacks.
Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of our upcoming summer is that our very own Aussie John will not be joining us in person. Johno will still be very much involved with the lodge. Please direct all of your accommodation and moorage inquiries to him by email ( He will be sure to get back to you promptly.
Ok now for the good stuff! What’s been going on with the fishing? Well things are shaping up and Barkley Sound is coming into it’s own. There are fish around and we can certainly help you with some early season tips and forecasts.
Keep in mind three things that are happening in the area right now. The annual solstice squid spawn, the massive balls of immature herring prevalent all over the sound and a plethora of one and two year shakers. So with that in mind?
Small spoons such as wee gees, coyote killers and my personal fav the skinny g, should be absolute go tos! I would also suggest hootchies, glow white and the flash fly variety in glow and uv as very effective. Spoons should be fished six feet behind your fav flasher and hootchies chin to forefinger. Depths can vary. Last weekend we found fish from 35 to 65 feet on the riggers. We fished Kirby Point at 37 and 55 feet and over at Austin and Cree we fished 55 and 65 feet. Mears, Austin and Cree are very reliable this time of year. Make sure you fish the tide change straight through. I find it very tidal reliant over there. Great place to fish comfortably and safely when it blows hard northwest as well!
Little Beale has produced, as has Whittlestone . The squid spawn has been heavy on the southwest side of the Sound.  Don’t forget about the Wall. It may not be as sexy but it can sure produce under the right conditions!
Halibut fishing is prime time right now! This is often the best time of the year to put some white gold in your freezer. Get out to the bank if the sea state allows. Find humps that come up to 190 – 210 and fish in and around them. I am big on anchoring but if you aren’t set up for it, drifting with spreader bars and salmon bellies are a fav way to go for most halibut fisherman. Squid and extra large herring can also be very enticing to flatties.
I have been up to the lodge for two weekends so far this month. I am finishing school this week then will be up for the remainder of the summer as of June 25th. Please feel free to email or phone the lodge should you have any questions regarding our operations or re: up to date fishing info. Happy to oblige.
In the meantime and in between time, let’s go with a Dr. Bonnie Henry quote, be kind, be calm and be safe.