July 26, 2019

The summer seems to be rolling along. July is almost gone and the dog days of August are just around the corner. Barkley Sound continues¬† to be the jewel of Vancouver Island’s west coast.

The weather has been spectacular as has been the fishing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like tyees are jumping into your boat, you still have to work hard for them. Put in the time, work the right depths with the right gear and more often than not you will be rewarded.
Skinny gs fished 6 feet behind your favourite flasher are still very productive. We have found that by far the Irish Cream skinny g has out fished anything else we are putting down. Bait is working better now than earlier in July and some folks are making the switch. I am running skinng gs still but once in a while will drop an anchovy along side on the other downrigger. I am finding that depths of 45 to 60 feet have seen the most action.
We have been very fortunate with the amount of coho coming through. They are still prevalent almost everywhere and getting bigger by the week. You don’t really need to target them, they are quite easily caught while targeting springs. Spring salmon fishing varies day to day. Catch the right tide and hang on but the very next day could be very quiet. Lately Austin, Cree and Meare’s Bluff have been hot. The Wall has slowed some but will still produce. Kirby and Fleming will only get better as August approaches. Yesterday a decent bite came on at Little Beale on the incoming tide. Perhaps a sign of a new wave incoming.
Offshore fishing at Big Bank has been over the top. For many folks the hours traveling through the swells have been well worth it. Off shore it seems anything goes, spoons, hootchies and plugs all produce. I’d skip running bait mind you, too much hassle when running down deep. Plastic and metal will get it done for you. Springs are being caught at depths between 90 and 160 feet. Many folks troll the bottom and will pick up the odd hali as well as springs.
Halibut fishing remains terrific.The dog fish are not quite as numerous and you might have to sit on a spot for some hours but put in the time and eventually the bite comes on. Find humps that come up to 200 feet or so out on the bank. Spreader bars and salmon bellies work very well. Extra large herring are very effective if the dog fish are not around. If you have a suitable anchor system you vastly improve your chances, however drifting at the tide change can still get it done.
I have just finished up with two groups this past week. Jason, Francis, Jonathan and Jimmy were out for their third trip and Nat, Franco and Donny also just completed their third trip with us. We had a great day last week at Austin and Cree. Our guide Joe worked alongside me and between the two boats we did very well on springs, limited on coho and had an epic hali day last Wednesday.
Nat and Franco are the boys and brains behind Nat’s New York Pizzeria on Broadway in Kitsilano Vancouver. This is an iconic Kits eatery and if you haven’t been then go and go soon. Great food and two absolutely fun guys. Ask them about fishing and they will talk your ear off.
Two great guys who really appreciate good food and live life large!
It’s 4:45 am and I am just about to get ready to head off shore for another hali adventure.
Aussie John has Harbourside running like a well oiled machine.The tackle shop is fully stocked with tackle, bait, salt ice, drink ice, and snacks. We are serving up both diesel and boat gas. Please come see us for all of your fishing needs. We always happy to share fishing info. Some lodging and moorage still available but please call Aussie John soon as August becomes very busy.
Until the next time folks,
Coach (aka Jonathan)….