July 27, 2017

Hi All
Ok, I have to admit things have been challenging lately here in Barkley Sound. The good news is there are fish to be had but you are going to have to work for them. We have also heard stories of herds of fish north of Estevan Point that just might be on their way here. Might be true or might be just stories but it does give us something to hang our hats on. Our local fish are going to arrive sooner or later we just have to hope it’s sooner. In the mean time let’s work with what we have.
Here’s what news we have from the dock and what we have garnered from our time spent in the water.
The best fishing continues to be just around the periphery of the sound. Beale, Little Beale, Keeha Bay, Pachena and Seabird Rocks. I am still plying my trade at Seabird. As I have alluded in earlier blogs it is a technical troll. We are in tight to the kelp often in 28 feet of water. There still seems to plenty of bait, albeit small immature herring.
Skinny gs still have been our best bet. Anchovies have not been very effective in all honesty. Hootchies and other small spoons will also work. Silver Horde’s Herring aid and uv purple haze spoons have also been working. Once again I am trolling shallow, 29′ and 27′. Putting your boat deep into the rocks and kelp and jigging has also been effective and I might add, a whole ton of fun. 70 gram MacDeeps have been very productive for us. Try it, it’s about as good as it gets when you hook up a decent spring in 20′ of water. Set the hook hard and hang on for dear life!
Bamfield’s usual haunts have been so so. Whittlestone has had it’s moments but not enough to guarantee anything. Same with Kirby, Flemming, and the Wall. Are these spots a waste of time? Not at all, they are going to turn on soon. Who knows, it might be you that gets to play with the first wave of big fish!
Offshore things have been steady, not spectacular but steady. The Big Bank and Rat’s Nose have been productive provided the weather allows one to get there. Here we run our gear deep. I know many guys who bounce the bottom with their cannon balls. I am not a fan of that personally, it’s a pain in the butt and I often troll around a shaker or small cod fish without knowing. I run my gear between 120′ and 140′. Usually a glow white hootchie behind a flow green flasher on one side and glow green spoon on the other. There is definitely an early morning bite offshore and again with the tide changes.
Halibut fishing remains strong. Salmon bellies on spreader bars have been our best bet. Come see us at the dock and we would be happy to help you with getting to productive Hali spots. In the mean time, fish the humps between 10 and 14 miles out on the back. 205′ of water seems to be the sweet spot.
August is fast approaching and things are going to get very busy here at Harbourside. We have a few spots left open towards the end of August for moorage, accommodation, and charters. Aussie John is in fine form, (you’ll know what am mean when you chat with him). He’s the man to talk to regarding all bookings. They are filling fast so get on it quick.
The store is fully stocked with gear, food and coffee, gas and diesel are in good supply. I’ll be on the water most days but am usually back at the dock at 5ish. Happy to help out with any of your fishing related queries.
Until then,
Tight lines and full boxes….
Coach, Aussie John, Tom, Brett and Joe Joe.