June 25, 2019

Hi All

Fishing in Barkley Sound in June has been very good. If you are willing to put in the time, fish through the tide changes and find a spot where the rollers aren’t turning everyone green, you will be rewarded. The last week or so has seen some iffy marine weather. Not so much with rain and such but strong north westerlies that are hammering the coast lines surrounding the Bamfield area. There are fish to be had if you have the stomach for it!
We have seen and tremendous invasion of spawning squid. This in turn has fired up both the springs and coho. They are feeding hard and are very willing to pounce on a variety of gear.
I have been up at the lodge just for weekends as I finish out the school year. I haven’t been able to get out on the water as much as I’d like as I have been finishing the setting up of my newer Grady White. I have managed the odd trip out. This past Sunday we made our way over to Whittlestone and Little Beale. We ran a green¬† flasher with glow white hootchy at 45 feet and on the other rigger we ran a black trimmed glow flasher with an Irish Cream skinny g at 30 – 37 feet. Both rigs hit fish. That said we did not hook up with any springs but did manage to limit out on some gorgeous fat early season coho. Each coho was just plugged full of squid!
We had a number of fisher folk staying at the lodge and all of our groups did well with springs. Whittlestone and Kirby were the hot spots. Flasher hootchy’s were the rage although small spoons and bait has also been productive.
Austin and Cree has produced nicely but few ventured over there so as not to worry about navigating a snarky Trevor Channel. Once one is over at Austin and Cree it is very fishable as it’s in the lee of the north westerly flow. Make sure though you are in a very seaworthy vessel if heading that direction especially when it’s blowing north west. 50 – 90 feet has been the zone for successful chinook fishing at Austin and Cree.
Not much to tell you different on the hali front. Too rough for many boats to get out the last while. Winds are settling down today and Tuesday so boats will be able to get out after some flatties this week. See last week’s fish report for info on early season hali fishing.
I am up for the summer as of Thursday evening June 27. Please contact Aussie John about moorage, accommodations, fuel and tackle. He will be very happy to help you out anyway he can.
Our other lodge guide Joe Martell will be arriving at the lodge this week. There are guide days available with both Tom’s and Joe’s boats. These are great guys to fish with, knowledgable, safe and tons of fun. Join us for a fabulous fishing adventure here at Harbourside. You’ll be glad you did!
We will see you soon,
Coach… (aka Jonathan)