Aug 14, 2018

The first waves of Somass springs have arrived in Barkley Sound. Grady’s , Ocean Sports and or 14′ car toppers all can have a real shot at landing a 30 lb Tyee. That’s the beauty of Bamfield. No matter the weather, everyone can find a spot on the water and get their gear on front of some serious spring salmon.
This past week I fished with Don and son Brock along with good friend Randy for three days then Marcus and his wife Raquel later in the week.
Earlier in the week we started out at Little Beale. We fished the early morning bite into the high tide change at 11 am. We trolled anchovies at 33 feet and an Irish cream skinny g at 28′. We hooked up a beauty and Randy played it like a pro. Unfortunately when all was said and done the Beale Seal lead 1-0. Very frustrating to work so hard at getting hooked up just to lose your fish and your gear.
That was our only bite. We packed in at 11:30 am and departed for 7 mile. The water was flat and we were looking for some fish for the box. With the gear at 80 and 90′ we worked our butts off for the next two hours. It was fish after fish. Nothing big but really nice hatchery coho and some 10 to 12 lb springs. The boys had a blast and some great eats to take home.
The next day we fished over towards the Broken Group. My good buddy Mike form Vernon radioed me and called me over to this avocado like hump just south of Gibraltar. We fished from 65′ to 140′ around the pinnacle. We picked up a nice spring in the teens and some amazing coho to 13 lbs. turned out to be a productive day. We fished bait and skinny gs . Skinny gs still ruled the day for us.
Marcus and Raquel are returning guests. Their first experience salmon and halibut fishing was last summer. We also started out at Little Beale. We fished anchovies at 33′ and continued with Irish Cream skinny gs at 28′. For some reason I just can’t hook up on bait but the skinny gs keep producing. We managed two nice fish, a 22 lber and a teenager.
We decided to take a run offshore for a halibut hunt. When we arrived at 13 mile, Mother Nature was putting on an incredible show. There were humpback whales everywhere. Tail slapping, breaching, pec fins slapping the water. Salmon were cruising the surface tailing everywhere you looked. We set the anchor and put down the gear. I rigged two salmon rods with MacDeep jigs and within seconds we had fish on. Coho after coho, spring salmon one after the other. Nothing huge but what a blast. At one point I heard the commotion of rippling water behind me. Thinking it was tidal current I continued tending the gear. When I looked towards the bow I was dumbfounded. There was a mass of surface feeding salmon approaching the boat. All I could see was the backs of salmon on the surface. At one point they were actually bumping the boat. It really was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. If I had jumped off the boat I would have put myself at risk of concussion by landing on fish! Unbelievable. It’s so gratifying and wonderful to see nature still asserting herself. If we can only just give her half a chance.
I’ll be fishing this week with Drew, Dean and David. Great guys and great cooks. It’s going to be a fun week of fishing along with some fabulous meals.
The tackle shop is well stocked. We only gear up with what our guides use. Leave the tackle shopping till you get here. We have everything your need right here. Come by for a coffee, fuel, ice, bait and everything else you need for a great stay on the west coast.
Till next time…
Coach…(aka Jonathan)

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