Aug 23, 2016

Hi Again

Fishing finally continues to be solid here in Barkley Sound. For those of us that have been grinding it out all summer it is a refreshing change to have some multiple fish days with good sized springs and coho, and to boot it’s all been close to home.
Different guides and fisherman may share completely different info but here is the skinny as I have seen it.
The fish are running somewhat deeper than I normally fish. Typically at this time of year I am 25′ to 35′ on the down rigger. The past week I have been 40′ to 50′. Anchovies in uv purple haze and bloody nose heads have been effective for springs if you like to roll bait. However, glow white hootchies behind green flashers have also been very effective for springs and killer for coho. I have been running bait one side and a hootchie on the other.
All the usual spots have had good fish days. Swale is still producing and Kirby and Flemming have been good at times. Sandford and Satellite Channel have had some great coho days with the odd spring thrown in. Yankee Bay and Danvers down toward Poet Nook have also been very solid for springs and coho. The Wall always produces at times and is never a waste of time.
Speaking of coho, they been such quality fish this year. Many in the teens and all seem to averaging over 10 lbs. We will often just troll out of the Bamfield Harbour across Trevor Channel towards Wizard and Satellite Channel running white hootchies and 45′ and 50 ‘. When they hit they just smack it so hard. It is awesome! Try it first thing in the morning and fill your box then hit the tide changes for your springs.
Hali fishing is still very productive. Unfortunately the seas have been very big and we have had limited windows in which to target them. I last got out on Friday the 19th and we managed two nice flatties before the wind blew up and chased us home. Same old same old if you get a chance to get out there. Fish the humps between 12 and 14 mile. Spreader bars with salmon bellies and or extra large herring have been our “go tos”.
As per usual the store on the float is well stocked with gear, bait, snacks and such. Aussie John is managing the gas docks serving up both diesel and boat gas.
Coffee is always on so we hope you stop in and say hi.
Till then.
Coach, (Jonathan), Aussie John and Tom…