Aug 16, 2016

Hi All
This is it! We are now in prime time and Barkley Sound is showing us her finest! Fishing has been very solid. We just finished up 4 days with the Ludemann group. 8 guys and three boats. We started last Friday at Beale where things had been hot. It wasn’t. We had a tough day Friday, guides Tom and and Joe managed some quality fish but I was 0 for. Yikes! My purple uv spoon was no longer popping off (sigh…). We changed things up a bit and fished the rest of the three days at Swale Rock and Harbour Entrance. We found fish running a bit deeper than we usually fish, 35′ to 55′ on the down rigger. White hootchies fished behind green flashers were the order of the day. Joe knocked them dead with anchovies in bloody nose teaser heads. We got into some very nice quality springs but added bonus has been the coho fishing. Gorgeous fish between and 10 and 14 lbs just smacked the gear. Tom limited his group out Sunday with 10 coho for five guests all over 10 lbs!
We are still waiting for Kirby and Flemming to go off. They have had moments but not anything really consistent. There has been great coho action off of Sandford. Again pretty much same depths, 35′ to 50 ‘. The Wall is producing as she should. It’s never a waste of time there and such an easy troll.
Offshore has been difficult as the seas, once again, have been high. They are up over 2 meters today and they are calling for 3 meters and more as the week progresses. Hopefully it begins to settle down as hali hunts have had to wait and they might have to wait more yet. It’s such a shame as the hali fishing continues to be great. Once again for us it’s all been about sitting on the humps that come up on the bank between 12 and 14 miles out from Beale. Anchoring out is such an effective way to fish as most often the fish eventually they come to you. If you do not have an effective anchoring system, drifting can still produce. Pick your tides so you can effectively drift with your gear as straight up and down as possible. Salmon bellies and extra large herring are still our best set ups. Fish them off spreader bars. Dog fish are around but usually we only have to wade through a few before the halibut come knocking.
It’s certainly getting busier here at Harbourside. Please call re: moorage, accommodations¬† and charters as we will do our best to fit you in. As per usual the gas dock is a busy place. Lots of ” dock talk” about the best fishing hot spots and gear that’s working great. Coffee is always on at the shop and we are well stocked with tackle and such. Hope to see you soon!
Coach ( Jonathan), Aussie John and Tom…