Aug 31, 2017

Hi All
I’ve just returned from the Big Smoke, Van City. Two and a half months at sea, so to speak, almost had me looking forward to being back home in Vancouver, however three nights in the heat and noise of the city had me yearning for the quiet and cool of Bamfield. So I have returned, eager and anxious to be back on the water for this last push.
It’s Derby time here in Barkley Sound. The Port Alberni Salmon Festival is the grand daddy of all the summer derbies. The beauty of this derby is anyone can win it. Grandpa with his 14 foot car topper and 9.9 outboard stands just as good a chance to net the winning fish as anyone else does in their 30 foot Grady and their twin 4 stroke 250s. Every bite and every hit could be the derby winner – for me, that makes the anticipation all the more intense. You just have to buy the rod fees and who knows? It could be you and why not, you deserve it. Except, I think this year I’m due. Yup, it’s my turn. Now last year the derby was pretty much over as the winning fish at over 50lbs was caught early on day one. I plan on being a bit more dramatic, perhaps charging up the ramp to the scales at 3:55 pm on Monday with a hog – or maybe not. A man can dream right?
Ok as I have said I have been away. I spent today, however, at the dock helping guests with fuel and tackle orders. The dock provides a wealth of info regrding what is happening on the water. So, this is what the word is.
There seems to be a fresh push of fish as of yesterday afternoon. Late in the afternoon Wednesday and into the evening the bite came on. Whittlestone, Kirby, Flemming, Aguilar Point and the Wall all gave up fish. Skinny G’s again were very productive in cop car, bon chovey and irish cream. Bait, as per usual, was also good but it did seem from what people were saying that spoons were more effective. Coho Killers in glow green and white, white lightning, watermelon and army truck were also hot. Things bode well for the derby indeed!
Off shore the hali fishing has definitely picked up. Last Saturday I was out and managed three beauties in 2 hours. A 75lber at 132cms along with a 45 and a 35. Guide Brett from Harbourside also had a great day boating twin 132cms! What’s the secret? Find the pinnacles that come up to 190′ or so. Fish in and around them in 205′ to 215′. Salmon bellies and spreader bars are the mosh productive way to go. We will be off on a hali hunt this weekend so we will keep you updated.
We are looking forward to all the crew from Pace Processing joining us for the long weekend. This is an annual trip and we thank Sean so much for booking every year with us! We are eager to start filling the boxes for you guys!
We are fully stocked with fuel, bait, salt ice, drink ice, tackle, and snacks. Why wouldn’t you want to stop in? Come chat about the fishing, the Blue Jays, the upcoming NFL season, or, if you are talking to Aussie John, the latest test scores from the cricket pitch down under. It’s all good and we would love to see you!
Stay tuned for a report early next week…
Coach (aka Jonathan), Tom, Aussie John, Joe Joe and Franny…

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