August 28, 2015

Summer seems to be flying by as we are set to leave August and see September right around the corner. That said there is still time for some outstanding fishing and some of it is right on our doorstep.

The Wall has been consistently productive all summer and continues to be one of our go to spots. Drop your gear just past the Marine Center and troll tight to the rocks into the first little bay. 25 to 35 feet on the down rigger has been money. We are still having outstanding success with uv purple flashers and uv purple haze teaser heads however one of our guides, Joe, has done very well with green flashers and bloody nose teasers. Kirby and Flemming are still going off as well. Once again keep it tight and shallow. Fish are coming in from Whittlestone, Agular and points east of us such as Diplock and Pill Point. Coho haven’t shown in numbers much as of yet. We are picking up the odd one here and there but inshore it’s been predominantly springs.

DFO is meeting on Monday afternoon as to whether allow a 1 over 77 cm and 1 77 cm and under regulation for the upcoming Labour Day Weekend Port Alberni Salmon Festival.Check our website or feel free to give us a call Monday evening on the 31st for updates. As it stands right now we so have space available for lodging, moorage and charters. Call soon though.

Offshore fishing has been rather spotty. Out on the Big Bank springs have been scarcer than the norm. You can still find them but you’ll need to work harder than usual. Coho are showing up in numbers out by the Rat’s Nose and we are hoping to see them show up inshore anytime soon.