Aug 22, 2015

It’s getting late into August and we are right in the thick of the peak of the season. Springs have been showing at all the local hot spots. The 77 cm and under regs have left a few of us frustrated at times as we release fish to continue their quest to spawn. It can, however, be a beautiful thing to feel a big spring thrash his tail and return to the depths.

Ok now, lets talk about where you can go to keep a few bigger fish. The regs say we need to be a minimum of a mile outside the surf line. When the seas have cooperated we have been getting some beautiful fish at the Turtle and South Bank. Fish the 160 foot contour line on the shoulders or neck of the Turtle Head just outside of Ucluelet. It’s a north/ south tack and has been very good in the early mornings and an hour before tide changes. My guest last week, Chris, managed to boat a gorgeous 37 lber at 90 feet on the downrigger using a purple haze flasher and teaser head. Spoons were also very effective out there. 4 to 6 inch spoons fished 6 feet behind a flasher trolled at 2.6 to 2.8 mph can very productive. I have found 90 feet on the rigger to be the magic number. Run your second rigger 10 t0 15 feet either side of 90 until you feel you have the depth dialed in. It can can change each day so play with it a bit each time you are out. Fish have been gorging on large herring so match the hatch and hang on. Fishing all over South Bank has been good but the contour line at 160 has been very good for us. As for the rest of the off shore scene the Nose and Big Bank is still cranking out lots of fish. Pick your days weather wise and make sure your boat is outfitted for all off shore conditions.

Fishing inside has been extremely good as of late. Early mornings and tide changes are the times you need to have your gear wet. Travel to different spots during the peak of the tide. Make sure you have gear down an hour before and an hour after the tide change. The Wall has been very good but it can be tough negotiating the oncoming traffic. It’s been very busy. Flemming, Kirby, Whittlestone, Beale have all produced fish. Keeha Beach and Pachena Bay have also been very good. Keep your gear shallow in all these close to shore spots. 24 to 40 feet at the deepest. Anchovies are the best bet inside but spoons have also produced fish.

Hali fishing is still consistently a good bet between 12 and 14 mile. Spreader bars and salmon bellies are your best bets. That said, last week  my guest Drew hooked two beauties on a flourescent green mudraker. Find a hump that comes up on the bank and fish in and around it. If your drifting you will need a minimum of 2 lb balls. If you have an offshore anchor system then you can get away with 1 lb and or  lb and a half balls.

If you haven’t got up to Bamfield and Harbourside you still have time. We have some spots for lodging in the lodge and for boat moorage. The store is stocked with gear and goodies and Aussie John is pumping very competitive gas and diesel. Drink ice and fish ice is available for cocktails and taking care of your catch.

Please feel free to stop in for fishing tips and just to chat.

Tight lines….

Aussie John, Tom and me. (coach aka Jonathan)