August 6th 2015

Hi Everyone
It’s been a very busy past couple of weeks here at Harbourside. I’m way overdue in updating the fishing report.
Fishing has been very good as of late. It’s August and the usual haunts have been producing nicely. In shore as of August 1st we have to release  chinook salmon that are over 77 cms. This does make off shore fishing look like a better alternative though there have been a good number of mature springs in the 70s to be had inshore. Most of these fish are approximately 12 to 16 lbs and are great bbq fish. The Wall has been very productive as has Aguilar Point. Troll anchovies between 30 and 40 feet. We have had our best success with a u v purple flasher and u v purple haze teaser head.
Both Flemming and Kirby are fishing well. Flemming requires a tight to the shore troll. Get your boat into 35 to 45 feet of water and put your gear shallow, 25 to 30 feet on the rigger. Swale and Harbour Entrance have both had great fishing the last couple of weeks as well.
Off shore has been very solid with bigger fish finally starting to show. The Turtle Head and Southwest Corner have both been good. You have to run your gear deep though, 150 on the down rigger. Out on the Big Bank fishing is at it’s usual. Pretty spectacular. Fish are deep here too. Start between 120 and 160. Your usual assortment if gear is all productive here. Spoons 6 feet behind a flasher, glow white hootchies and tomic plugs have all been productive. I am still finding a 4 inch purple uv haze Silver Horde spoon ridiculously effective.
Hali fishing has been so good! Salmon bellies on spreader bars at the humps at 12 mile has been killer. Good size fish too, averaging 30 plus pounds!
We have a couple of boats free from August 12 to 17 if you would like an offshore Hali day, or just a day out in the water. Contact us here at the lodge.
The store is stocked up on all the latest hot fishing gear. We have lots of fish ice, drink ice, snacks and goodies. We have the fuel dock open from early morning till 7ish. Diesel is also on the menu should you need it.
Congrats to Jim Underhill and Dave Underhill on wining the biggest salmon and halibut in our Harbourside derby last weekend. We had a blast! Many thanks to Eric for spending Saturday roasting a pig. It was amazing. Thanks to Paul for arranging it all.
It’s August folks. That means big fish time! You gotta get here!
Looking forward to the next few weeks of spectacular fishing!
We will be here to help you in anyway we can,
Aussie John, Tom and Coach (aka Jonathan).