Fishing Report August 17 2023

Hi Folks
I will ramble a bit later on in this report but let’s get to the good stuff first!
It is still on! Fishing is beyond good. That said, it’s the middle of August and it is supposed to be good this time of the summer, however, I’m not taking that for granted. It’s been full on since the last week of July and I want to ride this out through till the end. It seems all the usual haunts are firing. Beale and Little Beale were hot for me the past two weeks. I’ve been plying my trade over at Swale Rock lately. Strong north westerlies put a major damper on the water conditions at Beale while Swale is very protected. The water is good and the fishing just as!
I have switched over to bait as I said I likely would but…I am only using bait on one rigger. Keeping an Amundsen skinny g knock off on the other one (Irish cream or Bon Chovy colours). It has been an interesting comparison between bait and metal. Anchovies early in the morning have been quite productive but as the day wears on it seems spoons take over (at least on my boat).

I just finished up with Dave, Jim, Gilbert and newcomer Rich. Dave, Jim and Gilbert have been with me ever since I’ve been in Bamfield, brother John couldn’t make it this summer so Rich was the stand in. We fished Beale on day one and basically got clobbered by 3 and 4 meter swells. Eventually we made our way to Swale. It took me a few hours to dial things in. I found that the fish were quite a bit deeper than where I usually fish for them. Typically I fish at 37 / 42 at Swale. We found fish at 55 on the rigger. It was the money depth. As you may know if you are a regular reader, I love fishing tight to structure. I do at Swale as well. Tight to the rocks and kelp beds. There was a ton of bait over there. I stayed with it and short tacked back and forth and sure enough the bite came on. We limited out on day 2, I took two as well for a total of ten springs. We finished punching the boy’s tags on day 3. Each day was similar, bait started the ball rolling and the spoons took over after the sun got a bit higher in the sky. I must also mention that I am definitely seeing the bite progress as the flood tide picks up. It was noticeably slower on the ebb. Lots of boats were having great success fishing glow white hoochies was well. What’s the lesson here? Fish bait on one side then use plastic or metal on the other. You can keep it in the zone longer as you don’t have to pull it to check it as often.

Kirby, Fleming, Robbers Pass, Harbour Entrance, Effingham, Austin and Cree have all produced fish. Again I do want to point out that the fish seem a bit deeper. 45 to 60 feet on the rigger is a good place to start. Play with it a bit and you’ll get it dialed in.

Coho are still hit and miss. Somedays they are thick and others you hook only one or two. The good news is each day deeper into August the coho situation will get better and better.

Hali fishing has been awesome as well. It has been blowing big time off shore so none of us have made it out for 5 days or so. Hopefully it settles down some this weekend. I am itching to get out for some more Sable fish! If the weather settles then the Hali will be at their usual spots. Humps that come up on the bank all will produce. Salmon bellies are a great bait choice for hails as number 1, they love them, and number 2, they stay on the hook well. Spreader bars sure help.
I have had number of folks who are regular readers drop by the lodge to say hi. I love that. I appreciate your comments and it’s so cool sharing stories and tips. I am learning so much from all of you.
I just realized this morning that I have 3 more charter group left before I have to get back being
” Coach ” for real. Mid September I am fortunate enough to do our annual school trip here at Harbourside in Bamfield. Nothing beats watching the eyes of 44 grade 10 students seeing the majesty of Barkley Sound for the first time. This might be the most rewarding trip I do all season.
However until then I still have some serious fishing to do. New group coming in which means experiencing this all over again through them. Can’t wait to get back out here.

In the mean time and in between time, 

Coach is out… (aka Jonathan)