Fishing Report August 25 2023

Hi All
This is actually getting boring. Not the fishing but writing about it. I’m trying to come up with something new to say about what’s been happening for the past month. I can’t. There are no new things to tell, no new info, no new hotspot, no new hot tips. Fishing in Barkley Sound has been and still is awesome!. Go where you want. Kirby, Whittlestone, Beale, Harbour Entrance, Swale rock, Fleming, Diplock, Pill point, The Wall, Brady’s Beach down to Danvers. 

It has been amazing fishing. 

To summarize I would say this: 
– Fish 35 to 50 feet on your rigger
– Fish anchovies on 6 to 7 foot leaders
– Fish glow white hoochies on short leaders (under 36 inches)
– Fish spoons (skinny g’s are still firing) on 6 to 7 foot leaders
– Troll 2.5 to 3 mph

There! Done!
I am out. That’s all you need to know.
Seriously folks. Wednesday morning I fished with long time guests, DJ, Bill, Brian and Steve. We limited out 8 springs before 9 am in the morning. And… we missed a few to boot.

Sometimes I like to think I am getting good at this but it was really just a matter of putting gear in the water. Anybody with a boat and a trolling engine could do the same. It’s so much fun!

If there is any damper on things at all it’s the coho situation has been spotty. Our local coho have yet to show in any kind of numbers. They are coming though. Often they arrive thick by early to mid September. These are big feisty fish that are just a blast to get into.
Hali fishing is still going ok. Not over the top but put in your time and you’ll get a few flatties.
We had a blast jigging chub mackerel while on the anchor hali fishing the other day. They fight like crazy and are delicious smoked.
I have one more group to go and then I am back to school for 4 days next week. I’ll be up for the long weekend to finally win the Port Alberni Salmon Derby. I am shocked I haven’t won that thing already. This year though…

With that, folks, I am out!

In the meantime and in between time,
Coach, aka Jonathan….