Fishing Report, August 7 2022

Hi All

Let’s start with the good news. The weather here the past few days has been ridiculous. Hardly any wind, clear sunny skies completely devoid of fog! It’s shorts and t-shirt weather on the water. Just absolutely glorious! But that’s the good news only…Our fish have not arrived en masse… Dribs and drabs here and there but nothing really consistent yet. It’s been a tough go for most of us. That said, we know the predicted forecast is for a banner run of Robertson Creek springs. They are going to show and they are going to show soon. Any day now, any tide. The only answer I have for folks is you had better have gear in the water for when they do arrive.

I just finished up 3 fun days with Nat, Franco and Donny (Nat and Franco from the famed Nat’s New York Pizzeria in the heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver). We had a great day offshore for halis and managed to limit them all on coho but we managed only one spring the entire trip. So it’s been a tough go for those of us that are on the water day in and day out. I know it will change. I just feel bad for those folks who have planned their fishing vacations and are now wandering the Sound trying to find a fish or two.

Ok then… What would the plan be for you if you are here now or heading up to Bamfield soon?

I would suggest Pill Point. There have been some decent fish taken there. Anchovies between 30’ and 60‘ would be your best bet. I know some folks were picking up fish a week or so ago as deep as a hundred but as August wears on I would shallow it up. I fished Pill  Saturday morning and boated one spring at 45’ and lost another at the same depth.

The Wall and Aguilar Point to Scott’s Bay has also produced some fish. I’d be running gear from 30’ to 50’ here. Rolling bait would be my choice but I know a boat came in yesterday with two decent springs on a green and white hootchy.

Kirby, Swale, Whittlestone and Little Beale have been very quiet. Very little going on bait wise and not a lot of holding fish. Outside of Beale in front of the Lighthouse had been better. Lots of coho there and the odd spring. I limited the boys out on coho rolling bait at 33’ the other morning.

Danvers and Assets have also produced the odd fish. Bait rolled at 4’0 to 60’ feet here seems to be most effective.

Offshore salmon fishing at the Big Bank and Rat’s Nose is what it always is. It’s a long bumpy ride that will produce fish. Hootchies down deep between and 140’ and 180’ is the way to go out here. Typically the fish are a bit smaller offshore but you stand a good chance of picking up some in the teens. For some it’s definitely worth the ride and the price of gas.

Hali fishing is still over the top good! See there is some good news after all! It has been a very strong hali season so far. Spreader bars with salmon bellies continue to out produce anything else. Get onto the bank find a hump that comes up to 200’ or shallower. Fish in and around the hump. I like 205’ to 215’. Anchoring out is far more effective if you have an appropriate anchor system to keep your bow safe from oncoming swells. As many of you who read my blog know I am a huge advocate of only using circle hooks while hali fishing. They only hook in the lip and will not gut hook halis or bycatch fish. This really improves the chances of survival for released fish. Nothing cooler than releasing an oversized big mama knowing she’ll have a bit of a lip ring for a week or two but otherwise she’s good to go.

Well I am hoping my next report will quote a line form Steven Spielberg’s 1980s horror classic Poltergeist, “ they’re here”. It’s going to be fast and furious when they do finally arrive.

In the meantime and in between time, keep your gear shallow and tight,

Coach (aka Jonathan)