Fishing Report, July 1 2023

It’s great to be back to Harbourside. The season is well underway and I am sure there are many of you who prefer I skip the small talk and get right to what’s happening in Barkley Sound. 

Ok…Not to sound dire but… It’s pretty bleak here in the sound at the moment. All of the usual haunts such as Kirby, Swale, Flemming, The Wall, Whittlestone and Little Beale have been very slow. The odd fish will come on board but very few and very far between. Austin, Cree and Effingham have been a bit better but still slow for this time of year. Coho have shown up in dribs and drabs. Sockeye fishing up the inlet towards China Creek has been solid though.

The mature fish have been just outside the Sound. Pachena Bay and Pachena Point, Keeha Bay have been pretty solid. The squid spawn attracts migrating fish as well as vast schools of needle fish hanging out in the kelp beds.

I’ve been trolling Skinny G knockoffs made by Amundsen. These are well made spoons with very good hooks. Not a bad deal as well. Canadian Tire sells them in Vancouver at the Cambie and 7th store for around $12 but you get two spoons in a package. Irish cream and the Bon Chovy colours have been my best bets.

The last time I was out all our springs were caught on the green, gold  Bon Chovy. I troll them on 6 foot (minimum) leaders behind glow green guide series flashers. I’ve been snugging hard to the kelp beds and having steady success at 28 to 35 feet on the riggers trolling in about 35 – 43 feet of water.

My last three trips we’ve limited out on springs from 12 to 24 lbs. Gorgeous fish, surprisingly all females.

Weather can be a factor getting around Beale as the wind has been steady at 20 – 30 knots. Make sure you have a study sea boat with gps and radar. Going with a buddy boat is always a good idea. 

Hali fishing has been ok but unspectacular. Lots of chickens around. Not many boats have been out the past week due to the high pressure afternoon winds.

I have been here for the past week and am here through to the Labour day Weekend.

Stop by Harbourside for bait, salt ice and fishing gear. Happy to share fishing stories and such!

Hopefully things turn on inside soon. Stay tuned. You’ll hear it here first!

Jonathan (AKA Coach)