July 18, 2018

July has been just terrific for salmon fishing here in Barkley Sound. I know traditionally folks are convinced that August is the go to month but the past few years July has not only rivalled August but it’s been better. Less crowds, better water and more fish. People! Get with the program and get here soon. It’s been just awesome! I’ve been fishing at Austin / Cree, Seabird Rocks and Little Beale. All three spots have produced. Each spot seems to be unique and fish slightly different from each other. When I’m at Austin / Cree I’ve found the most productive depths have been 50 to 65′. I spend a lot of tine trolling the pinnacles near Austin and the reef extending south form Cree. Skinny gs are still working better than anything else in my box. Irish cream glow has been the most productive over the last week. Bon chovey glow is right behind it. Over at Beale I’ve been trolling gear at 35 and 30′. Irish cream skinny g has been very good here at Beale but rolling anchovies in green teaser heads is working well too. I usually troll from Spike Rock about a kilometre and a half west and back again. I keep fairly close to the shoreline in 50 to 80′ of water. At Seabird? It’s all about structure. I fish in anywhere form 28 to 80′. The reefs come up fast so I keep my gear shallow. Here it is always 27 to 30′ on the riggers. I’ve also found that Seabird fish really take to skinny gs. All the bait is small needle fish and immature herring. The weather has been a factor lately and I haven’t been able to get over there as much as I’d like. But when I can? It’s my favourite troll. Things are starting to hop right now at Harbourside. We are chock full this weekend. We still have plenty of room during the weeks ahead as we approach August. Give Aussie John a call and book some time here. It’s such a special place! Come in and see us for fuel, tackle and bait or come for a coffee. There is always room for another addition to all of our fish chatter. Till next time, Coach

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