July 29, 2016

Hi All
It seems that any news to do with Barkley Sound fishing reports have been doom and gloom lately. In some ways that’s been understandable when considering some tough fishing combined with much larger than normal seas. All of that said, it looks like we are on the mend and the fish are on their way.
We have been finding fish starting to show at some more recognizable spots. Kirby, Flemming, the Wall and Austin and Cree are now starting to produce. We are kind of in flux as small spoons are still productive but we are now seeing more fish taken on anchovies and whole herring.
Keep to what works best out here during late July and August. Gear should be shallow and presented tight to structure. We suggest 24 to 36 feet on the down rigger. 27 has been the magic number for me. If the seas are cooperative fishing outside structure still seems to be where most if the fish are staging. Outside Cree, Beale, Keeha and Pachena have been quite productive though it looks like hardy stomachs might the order of the day for this August long weekend as big seas are forecast. Friday afternoon could produce 4 meter swells. Doesn’t the Wall sound like a nice afternoon troll. Yikes!
I’ll be dragging anchovies on one rigger and a 3.5 uv purple haze spoon on the other. 6 feet leaders are the order if the day. Glow white hootchies are very productive if fishing down Keeha and Pachena Bay.
Hali fishing continues to be so very productive. Last time out with guests Randy and Jim we managed a 30 and a 63 lber. Unfortunately hali fishing might be in the back burner this weekend if the swells turn out to be what’s forecasted.
This weekend is Bamfield’s Annual Fireman’s Derby. . It’s going to be so much fun. Can’t wait to see Harbouside guests Doug and crew from North Van, Orphan Dave and Mikey from Langley, Kelly Funk from Nanaimo and a host of others joining us for this great weekend of fun and fishing.
I am lucky enough to have the weekend off and get a chance to fish with my lovely Makiko and my brother Chris. Can’t wait to get out there.
Aussie John is handling things down at the dock. We have lots of salt ice, tackle and of of course fuel. Tom will be in for the weekend and I’ll be around for any fishing tips and advice on where to go. It will be sunny and warm. Just add some fish and the weekend could turn out epic!
Coach, ( aka Jonathan), Aussie John, Tom, and Joe.