Aug 6, 2016

Well it seems the doom and gloom maybe lifting a bit. If, of course, we are talking fish reports.
Yes it has been a difficult season so far. My previous blogs certainly reflect that and it seems reports from other various coastal areas are eerily similar. Has it been an ecological disaster ( ok perhaps a but dramatic)? Here are what I suppose really are rumours. Based on some DFO reports apparently the big herd of Columbians ( of which many stop in an around Barkley Sound to fatten up for their continued journey south) are hanging out 50 miles off shore. Along with them are whales, dolphins and tuna after masses of pilchards ( sardines ). Pilchards are an amazing nutrient dense food source for all manner of sea life including, of course, spring salmon. So it seems the fish have not disappeared but have taken a detour that has left us in the lurch so to speak. As I stated earlier this is more rumour than confirmed fact. It does seem to make sense though. The good news is now we are into August, our fish, which have to travel though Barkley Sound, should be on the way.
Ok here’s the skinny as of Saturday August 6. Best bet at this point is fishing Cape Beale and the shoreline exposed to the offshore. Once again the depths on your downrigger haven’t changed, 25 to 35 feet is deep enough. We are continuing to have success with purple on purple. Anchovies in uv purple teaser heads fished 6 to 7 feet behind uv purple flashers has been our ” go to ” number. Many guys are using green teasers and flashers, bloody nose teasers and blue / white glow. Fish them at 2.5 to 3 miles per hour speed over ground and you will be in the hunt. Kingfisher by Silver Horde uv purple spoons in the 3.5 inch are still producing surprisingly well. Keep your gear in the water an hour or so before and after tide change. Only move after then. The bite comes on usually fast and furious and dies very quickly. Give yourself the best chance possible. Use the gear we have talked about at the depths mentioned above. If you aren’t hooking up it’s not your gear. Stay the course. You number will come up.
Offshore is still very sporadic. The usual fish guarantee at the Big Bank, Rat’s Nose and other¬† off shore locales has not been ” money ” by any means. We are starting to see a trend to more consistent catches though. It looks like we are going in the right direction.
Halibut fishing may have slowed some but since it had been on fire most of the summer it stands to reason that it would have to slow down at least a bit. That said, good gear, the right location and persistence leads to punching your hali card almost every time. The humps located between 12 mile and 14 mile have been very good and still are. Extra large herring and salmon bellies continue to be your best bet for bait. Our very own Captain Tom has limited out each and every time aboard Aqualady this summer. So if you are thinking about an upcoming hali charter, just sayin…
As per usual the store is pumping our a nice bubbly red that goes great with fishing boats. We have bait, ice, tackle and lots of laughs down at the store. By all means stop in for a coffee and a chinwag.
Till then,
Coach ( Jonathan ), Aussie John and Tom…