June 23, 2017

Hi All
It’s been a blustery few days here in Barkley Sound. There have been very strong north west winds that have limited the choices of many fisher folks. Things seem to be calming down a bit today so hopefully we can get out and explore a bit more. Might be a day or two before offshore possibilities are a reality though.
Ok let’s get at it.
Salmon fishing has been spotty. There are fish around and if you have the right gear in the water at the right depths at the right time, you will be rewarded. So let’s help you with the right stuff.
I’ve been on the dock the last few days, doing some much needed boat maintenance. This actually gives me opportunity to chat with many fisherfolk coming in for fuel and gear. It’s a great way to get an idea about what’s going on around the sound.
The past couple of days we have seen fish come in from Beale, Diplock, Flemming and Sandford. It’s been typical standard early season stuff. 50′ to 90′ on the rigger. Small spoons and hootchies have been the most productive. Coho killers, 3.5′ coyote spoons, silver horde and skinny gs, have all been producing fish. Cop cars, herring aide and of course my fav, purple haze spoons are leading the parade early so far this season. Fish them 6′ behind your favourite flasher for best results ( we have all the gear you need right here at our shop!)
I have noticed a number of boats coming in with flasher hootchie setups. Many of the these have long leaders from the flasher to the hootchie . Long leaders are very effective for spoons and rolling anchovies but not so much with pulling hootchies.
Hootchies have no action of their own and need to dart through the water behind a dancing flasher. A long leader will deaden the affect of the flasher. My rule of thumb is running a leader from my chin to extended arm, likely 30 to 36 inches. At this length your hootchie will have a nice enticing wiggle and waggle that springs and coho seem to love.
Speaking of coho, we have started to see some very nice ones come to the dock.
One of our guides, Brett, brought in a beauty the other evening that was pushing 10 lbs. A great fish for early June. This bodes very well for August indeed!
Not much to report on as far as halibut fishing is concerned. It’s just been too snarky to get outside. We are hoping Friday and the the weekend will allow us an opportunity to get off shore and get after some flatties. So that said, same old same old as far as hali fishing goes. If you have read my blogs before you should have it pretty much dialled in by now. Get out to the banks 210 degrees southwest of Bamfield, ( we like to go 10 to 14 miles out), find a hump that comes up to 200′ and anchor up or drift.
Salmon bellies and herring on spreader bars are the ticket. You cannot go wrong if the seas allow a day offshore!
Harbourside is really beginning to hum now. Please drop in for fuel, gear, or a coffee and a chat about what’s hot on the water. We have some spots left at the lodge for those of you that would like to come stay and a few open charter days if you would like to up your chances at landing the big one.
Aussie John has been here for a month already and has gotten us an early jump on the season so we are all ready for you!
Till then,
Coach (aka Jonathan), Aussie John, Tom and Brett.