June 30, 2018

Fishing Report Harbourside Lodge June 30 2018
Hi All.
What a pleasure it is to be back! It has been a long, wet winter and we are all excited about the upcoming summer. Reconnecting with friends, the excitement of making new ones and of course renewing our love of the water and all the things that make the west coast of the Island so special. This is what fuels us, this is why we continue the Harbourside Lodge chronicles.
During the winter I frequently visit our web site and the listed weather links. It’s intrigues me to see the weather buoy transmitting waves of over 7 meters at 10 second intervals. It also makes me very happy I am safe secure on dryland during our west coast winter storms! It’s interesting to note that these storms are critical to the health of the west coast marine environment. The massive waves breaking on the rocks stir up the shore line providing the much needed oxygenated water to support the amazing mass of life that makes up the west coast. All to our benefit…
It is now the end of June and many of us are eager and hotly anticipating early morning bites and reels singing. The tug is definitely the drug. Most of us have been exposed to the thrills of battling wild fish through uncle’s, dad’s and other various family members. For me? It was my Dad. Growing up in the prairies might not seem like the best place to learn the finer arts of angling but in actuality the pristine lakes of Canada’s north offer wonderful places to learn all about the water and the denizens of the deep. My dad gave me the opportunity to fall in love with the water. He is the reason I fish to this day. I lost my Dad a few months ago. He was 94 years old so it was time. That said, it still feels like a punch to the gut.
Relationships with loved ones can be complicated. They can be difficult and they can be stressful. My relationship with my Dad was all of these at times. We were very different people. In my life and in my work I find it imperative to find little nooks and crannies that one can connect to people with. One doesn’t need to have the pieces fit perfectly to build a connection. If we are that way we may miss so many wonderful opportunities to forge lasting bonds with others. Sometimes all it takes is one little thing. For my Dad and I? It was time on the water fishing.
For those precious hours we were unencumbered by difference. We were sheltered in same. We were the best of ourselves.
My love of the water was his gift. it was our time together. We could reminisce without fear and or guilt. it was ours…
Ok on to the good stuff!
Fishing has been solid in Barkley Sound. We were out this past Sunday and decided to venture around the corner to see what was happening at Seabird Island Rocks. We fished hard and tight to the kelp and reefs, trolling a glow white hootchie and a Bon Chovy skinny g. We managed 3 solid hook ups in about 3 hours of trolling time. Nothing however stuck. There were two other boats from Harbourside out with us and both boats managed a pair of nice springs, one of which was pushing 20 lbs. For our last hour out we put the trolling gear away and tucked into the kelp and jigged Macdeeps. Again we had a couple of salmon hook ups but nothing we could keep on. Had a blast with some ling cod, cabazon and greenlings.
I had some time to chat with guests on the docks over the weekend and it seems small spoons, hootchies and anchovies have been the most successful rigs that are producing fish.
In the Bamfield area, Austin and Cree have been good. The deeper water close to Kirby has also been producing. As per usual you will never be wasting your time fishing the Wall and Aguilar Point.
Halibut fishing has been solid when the weather allows off shore boating. At this time of year you may manage the odd hali inshore as well. Herring and salmon bellies on are the best producers.
The lodge and docks are in full swing so if you are in the area in July don’t forget to swing by for fuel, tackle, ice, bait and such.
Till then, flat seas and full boxes…
Coach… (aka Jonathan…)

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