Sept 6, 2018

Hi All

The frenzy that the last week of August sets upon us has also seen us through the first week of September. There are still solid returns of chinook and the first of the bigger coho are starting to show more consistently.
I finished up last Monday with the Suter Home group from Whistler. We had four days together with my Grady and Paul Suter’s 30 foot Sea Ray.
We started the trip over at Swale and Gibraltar on Friday afternoon. We fished anchovies in bloody nose and glow green teaser heads behind white  and green glow flashers at 35 to 45 feet. Both boats hit some good fish during the tide change bite and it seemed to stay on long after the water shifted. In a matter of 3 or 4 hours we put 11 springs and 3 coho in the box between the two boats. A great way to start the trip off!
Saturday was a designated off shore day. Both boats headed out to 12 mile on a hali hunt. I anchored up at 198 feet and put down three rods tipped with salmon bellies. Paul anchored up a mile and a half northeast of me and also put down salmon bellies. He was anchored in 190 feet of water.
We hit two beaut hali fairly early after we got the gear down. Unfortunately both were over size and we cut them lose. A bit frustrating for sure but it’s still very cool to watch those big breeder halibut swim away.
Paul’s boat got hot early and limited out on their 4 hali in a couple of hours.
We picked the anchor and moved to Paul’s boat and hooked up a nice fat 25lber right away. Our last fish was an under at about 15 lbs. We picked up the anchor and headed back inside to fish springs. Things had slowed down some over at Swale and Gibraltar. We had 3 nice hook ups but only managed one 18lber to the box.
Sunday morning saw both boats head up to Whittlestone and Little Beale.
I dropped the gear at Whittlestone and lost a nice fish early. I found the boat traffic a bit much so I trolled my way up from Whittlestone towards Spike Rock at Little Beale. We were rolling anchovies again with a bloody nose teaser head and a glow green no bananas teaser. We dragged them at 27 and 30 feet behind a glow green and glow white flasher. We hooked up a number of nice springs and a couple of gorgeous coho. The latter part of the day we fished Brady’s Beach. We spotted a number of active bait balls and immediately were into two nice chinook. Turned out to be a very productive day on the water. Good fish, good guys and good times overall.
Our last morning out we fished Whittlestone tight to the rocks in the bay. We dragged our gear between 25 and 33 feet. There was a solid bite very tight to the rocks in the big surf. It wasn’t an easy troll but Paul’s boat just lit it up. We saw them play double header after double header. I wasn’t as fortunate. We hooked up but could not put a fish in the box! It was still a whole ton of fun though!
I’ve had to make my way back to Vancouver to start my teaching job. Its has been such a good season. Solid fishing from Canada Day weekend on.
I have one more trip out. I am bringing 40 grade ten students out to Harbourside from my school. We spend four days hiking, fishing and whale watching. Its such a tremendous trip. There is nothing like watching the wide eyed stares of kids seeing their first whale up close or catching their first ever fish. I think its a fun for me as it is for them. Very cool indeed!
Just a heads up to all of you that if you are thinking of coming up to Harbourside next summer, book now! We are already filling up. Most people think late August is prime time and it many ways it is, but late June and July fishing has been fantastic in and around the Sound. Better weather, more daylight and plenty of fish. Aussie John is the guy to call to book. Don’t leave it too long! Email for your enquiries.
I’ll write one more report after I get back next week.

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