Aug 10, 2016

Hi All
I just finished up three days with Mike from Vernon and his buddy Cory from Langley, both ardent and talented anglers. We fished the inside reaches of Cape Beale (Little Beale to the locals). Running our gear at 27 and 33 feet was the magic depths for us. We ran anchovies fished in uv purple haze bullet roll heads behind uv purple flashers on one side and continued running our uv purple haze 3.5 inch spoons behind matching flashers on the other side. Both combos were very successful. I continue to be amazed at the success I am still having with this small purple spoon. Cory bagged a beautiful 33 lb tyee on Monday afternoon on the spoon at 27 feet. We were fishing tight to structure. Most of our hits came at the eastern edge of Little Beale directly across from Spike Rock. It’s an easy landmark to get one’s bearings as it rises like a spike or dagger 20 feet off the shore. It has been a crowded fishery especially in the mornings but afternoon tide changes saw a small handful of boats making for a much less stressful troll. We also spent a day offshore hali hunting and once again were rewarded with some beautiful flatties. It took a while for the bite to turn on but the humps between and 12 and 14 miles out continued to deliver. We picked up 3 halis, 40, 28 and 20. Two on extra large herring and the larger fish on salmon bellies. All fished off spreader bars. What a great summer it has been for hali fishing!
I spent yesterday on dock duty, which I actually enjoy. It’s great getting to chat with fisherman and hearing what’s happening on the water. This is the first week I have really felt that our fishery is back to normal. Yesterday, Tuesday August 9, fish were coming in from Flemming, Edward King, Beale and of course the local standby , the Wall. We saw some great springs but also some lovely coho in the 10 to 12 lb range.
Offshore salmon fishing still has it’s mediocre days. Fish tend to be somewhat smaller out there though it seems boats are getting their limits now. Fish deeper than inshore. Start at 90 and maybe 130 feet then go from there. Boats are also fishing right on the bottom and doing well. Glow white hootchies and spoons that light up down deep are the order of the day. Pulling plugs is working well now too. I like the tomic 602’s and 530’s in 6 inches. Fish them way back off your ball, 50 pulls (yeah I know but I’m not kidding!). Troll quick at 3.5 miles per hour. The plugs will cover tons of water whipping back and forth. Wait for the hit and hang on, the springs like to smash them hard. It’s such a blast to fish this way without flashers.
We are receiving a new order of fishing gear tomorrow so we will be well stocked for the mid August run. If you haven’t tried them yet come by and pick up one of the uv purple haze King Fisher spoons by Silver Horde. You’ll be glad you did!
Lots of bait in stock, salt ice, drink ice and of course fuel both gas and diesel.
It’s happening now folks, this is the time of year we dream about come late January. Don’t miss out on the fun.
Get out here soon. We’ll leave the light on for you…
Coach (aka Jonathan, Aussie John and Tom…