Aug 17, 2017

Ok things are getting seriously fun now folks. The fish have arrived with attitude! This is as prime time as it gets here for us. Mature springs are showing at all our usual haunts.
Let’s talk about how you can maximize your time on the water and enjoy this incredible resource.
Hot spots? Beale and Little Beale I think has been the most consistent, especially for the morning bite. Anchovies in a variety of teaser heads will work here. 30′ on the down rigger in anywhere from 40′ to 100′ of water. I’m still having luck running spoons. Skinny Gs have still been productive but I do think rolling anchovies is likely a better bet at this point in the season.
Early morning at Flemming has been very good but extremely crowded. Personally I’m staying away, it’s too much like combat fishing for me. Kirby has been good also but with much more room. At Kirby you can run your gear as deep as 45′ if you want, though I must admit I am a shallow guy this time of year. I like to keep it under 35′.
The Wall always produces and is certainly doing so now. It’s a great place for an afternoon or evening fish. Lots of room and lots of fish. Going up the sound towards Danvers or what some call Yankee Bay, just before Poet’s Nook, has also been very good. Here I do run my gear a bit deeper. 35′ to 45′ on the rigger seems to be a productive depth.
Whittlestone and Brady’s Beach have also seen their fair share of fish this past week.
Bait first but don’t rule out small spoons either, sometimes the fish prefer them.
As I alluded to earlier, Skinny Gs have still worked for me. The Bon Chovy Skinny G and the purple and nickel have been very good. I replace the hooks however as I find the packaged hooks weak and will bend easily on an energetic spring salmon. Coyote spoons in 3.5′ green glow have also been very effective. Green flasher and white hootchies are still a rig that will also produce.
We are just finishing up a week with Drew, Brunny, Dave and Deano. It’s been such a blast to have these guys out on the boat each year. Already looking forward to next year. We have also had the pleasure of Jaime, Jaz and Guy along with Chris and his partner Chelsey joining us at the lodge. Chelsey has come all the from China visiting Canada and of course Bamfield, for the very first time. What a great experience for her and what a joy for us take get to know her!
The Harbourside Lodge experience is a special one and each year we make new friends and share such special memories. We would love to share this magical place with you too. It’s easier than you think. Aussie John will take your calls for bookings, charters and accommodations. If you want to know the latest fishing news please call or email us. Don’t forget, if you are up with your boat to come by for fuel, bait and tackle or a coffee.
The fish are here, so where are you?
Till then,
Tight lines and full boxes…

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