Aug 11, 2017

It looks like August is transitioning into what we usually expect from Barkley Sound this time of year. I think our fish are perhaps a tad late but fishing for bigger springs seems to be picking up.
First let’s talk offshore. I’ve made a few trips out to Big Bank and the Rat’s Nose. There are plenty of fish to be had. I have been mixing it up trolling spoons, hootchies and occasionally plugs. Unfortunately my attempt at plug fishing has been slow. Hootchies and spoons were much more effective. I’ve been trolling underneath the nose by what many call the egg, a hump that comes up to about 190 feet. I’m using 18 lb balls and finding most of my fish at 135 feet. Lots of fish but nothing really huge. Typically boats are coming back home with 10 to 15 lb springs with the odd larger one thrown in. As for terminal gear? I’m not sure it really matters but you can’t go wrong with a glow white hootchie or a glow green and white spoon.
I’m sad to say, at least for me, the hali situation has slowed considerably. There have been fish coming into the dock in the 50 to 60 lb range taken from the humps from 5 to 7 miles out on the bank, but I’ve been catching chickens and a whack of octopus! I still think the hali fishing will pick up again as August has been good for us in the past, but really, can we complain? It’s been likely the best hali season we have ever had.
Ok let’s talk inshore. This is the time of the season we have been waiting for. Typically inshore fishing in the Sound is a bait fishery, almost exclusively. So far this season spoons and hootchies are still producing. I’ve spent some time fishing near Keeha and had great success with glow white hootchies. Seabird Rocks has slowed but Beale and Little Beale have been very productive with quality fish. I fished Beale with a 3.5 inch purple haze silver horde spoon on one rigger and a purple / silver skinny g in the other. Ran them at 30 and 35 feet. I didn’t light it up by any means but managed 3 springs 20lbs plus in an afternoon.
Earlier in the week I was fishing with Nat and Franko and we managed a double header at little Beale. Gorgeous 22 lb beauties!
I had such a good time with these guys! I have to give them a plug as they own and run Nat’s Pizzeria on Broadway in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Gotta tell you people, it’s the best best pizza I have ever had! I’ve always told the truth on this fishing blog and trust me, go eat there. Tell Nat and Franko I sent you!
So what then would be my advice if you are heading out this way? I’d still fish bait on one rigger, but try a spoon or hootchie on the other. Keep it shallow and don’t be afraid to troll quick, 2.5 to 3 miles and hour will turn your gear the right way.
Things are very busy at the lodge. Gas and diesel are available at the dock and we are stocked with all your tackle needs. Drink ice and salt ice are in good supply. We are happy to talk strategy and share tips and locations.
It’s prime time people, don’t miss out!
Coach (aka Jonathan), Aussie John, Tom, Brett and Joe.

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