Aug 3rd, 2017

Typically speaking most ardent fisher folks who ply the waters of Barkley Sound will tell you that August is magic time, especially for big springs. In wrapping up July, I’ll admit there were some tough days but all in all it was a tremendous month. There were fish to be had and if you are a hali lover then July really rocked your world. That said, August can be special as larger springs move in tight to the shorelines of the sound. They tend to school shallow which makes for very exciting fishing in calm protected waters.
Ok here then is the skinny. And no, I don’t work for Gibs Delta! But for me anyway, the skinny g still is reigning supreme when it comes to trolling springs. The Bon Chovey, Irish Cream, and Cop Car have been very effective. I’ve been using the Bon Chovey and Irish cream, both off shore and in tight to the rocks at Seabird rocks. Trolled deep off shore or shallow next to the kelp, salmon can’t seem to resist them.
On Monday I finished four days with the Ludemann group. I had aboard Dad, his two sons and their cousin Martin who was visiting from Germany. We made a couple of trips to the Big Bank and to the Rat’s Nose. Both trips were productive. On the first trip we fished a glow white hootchie on one rigger at 135 feet and an Irish Cream Skinny G at 120 feet on the other. We were kept busy all day with wild and hatchery coho some pinks and springs. Most of the bigger springs came on the glow white hootchie. We finished the day with 8 springs from 10 to 15 lbs and 8 hatchery coho.
Two days later we returned and I had decided I wanted to try fishing plugs, ( I love plug fishing!). We fished Tomic 602 & 530 plugs at 135 and 120. This tactic seemed to pay off as we were hitting larger fish. We came home with our limit with springs from 13 to 20 lbs, plus we left a few hogs out there that broke us off. It was a sunny day with beautiful water.
We also spent a day in between salmon fishing with a day of halibut hunting. Once again the humps out on the bank yielded 4 lovely Hali’s ranging from 27 to 35 lbs – absolutely gorgeous table fish! Spreader bars and salmon bellies did the trick.
The last few days I’ve had the boys from the Kitsilano Secondary School Athletic Department out fishing. Randy and Don along with son Brock have been regulars at Harbourside for 7 years. (Brock is taking a break from training with the Canadian National Rugby Team. We really wish him the best as he represents out country).
We fished a few hours on day one from 3 pm to 6 pm out by the kelp beds of Seabird rocks. It was an exciting afternoon as we were into 12 springs in 3 hours. That said, we were 3 for 12, as we lost many near the boat. Tons of fun though and we did manage a 25 lb fish for Brock. Next day we went back expecting an early morning bite. We were fishing shallow at 29′ and 26′, all skinny gs again. We had the gear in the water by 5:45 am. Nothing happened until 10 am. Then the bite came on. We had 16 springs on and kept 6 for the box all between 15 and 23 lbs. It was a great morning with sunny skies and flat water. Not much better than a great bite, wonderful water and great people. We are very lucky it seems, as all our Harbourside guests are such great people and it’s a treat to spend time with them and get to know them.
August as you know is very busy. We do have a few spots left at the lodge for accommodation, moorage and some charter days. Please call Aussie John asap for info. Stop by for fuel, both gas and diesel as well as all your tackle needs. For fishing related info you can call us at the lodge or just stop by while you are here in Bamfield.
This upcoming long weekend is the Bamfield Fireman’s Derby. This is a great time and a great cause. Swing by the docks for derby tickets. There are tons of prizes, family barbecues and all kinds of entertainment. It’s going to be a great weekend that you shouldn’t miss!
Till next time, tight lines and full boxes…
Coach, Aussie John, Tom, Brett and Joe….

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