Fishing Report June 28 2024

Hi Everyone

It’s straight out of the classroom and right onto the water for me! So great to be back at Harbourside in Bamfield for the summer! We are up and running and ready to roll!

Ok, no one wants to hear my grandiose stories of last year’s high schooI basketball season. You are all waiting for some “fish” news. Ok then, let’s get to it!

I have had a few chances to do some fishing recon this June before my actual season gets started. And… in a nutshell? Things look to be awesome coming into July and August.

I fished locally as I was attempting to make sure all was running well with my Grady,  Charlie Girl.

The amount of bait ,both squid and small immature herring,  at Kirby was startling! And there were decent size springs taking advantage. A glow white turd hootchie went down on one side of the boat along with an Amundson Irish Cream skinny g knock off on the other. I fished the hootchie at 55 feet and the spoon at 45. Both were very effective although the hootchie hooked up the bigger fish. Jaime (my fishing partner) and I kept 4 springs ranging from 12 to 16 lbs along with a couple of coho.

Joe (one of our Harbourside Guides) and I went out for a few hours this past Thursday morning and kept 4 springs from 14 – 19 lbs. Gorgeous fish for this time of the year! We also ran an Amundson skinny g knock off (Bon Chovy) and glow white hootchie. Again, the hootchie hooked the larger of the fish. Magic depth was 53’ on the riggers.

So if I coming up in the next few days, I would be dragging gear at Cape Beale, Austin, Cree and Mears and or Kirby. Also plying any of the waters on the edge of the Sound would definitely pay off. The squid spawn is still happening and salmon moving down the Island are stopping in to fatten up. I keep saying to people that yes, August is so awesome here in Barkley, but June and July are amazing! Great fishing, few crowds and daylight that seems to last forever!

I haven’t got out for halis just yet, but I am planning to get out with my first crew this weekend. Word is hali fishing is solid, as it should be this time of year. Halibut are often found much closer to the coastline and even in the Sound early in the season. Salmon bellies, collars, heads are my go tos. Herring and octopus are also good bets. Make sure you venture out with all the instruments and safety gear you need as weather can change so quickly.

I’ll have another update in 3 or 4 days.

 It’s still not too late to get up here for the long weekend. There are fish to be had! What other reason could there be? Oh yeah, it’s stunningly beautiful, full of amazing marine wildlife and the road is paved! Really? Just come…

Standing by, Coach…. (aka Jonathan)